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Facial Cleanser

Cleanse pore gently, remove black heads with natural planted formula


Sleep Well Collagen

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No scent, perfume, or alcohol

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Sakura Series

Make your skin moisture and shine

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Clean with natural ingredients

Let the natural beauty shines

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Have a peace of mind before sleep

Better sleep, better life

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Cleansing cream washes out the boiled egg muscle

Professional doctors save insomnia

Amelia Sakura Collagen Whitening Mask

Ingredient story

Amelia Ipretty Singapore

Dianthus flower

Commonly used in Chinese and Western herbal medicine, natural saponin is the main ingredient for purifying blackheads.

Amelia Ipretty Singapore

Yae Sakura

The cherry blossom petal extract from Japan has the effect of "anti-glycation", diminishes dark spots and moisturizes.

Amelia Ipretty Singapore

Coralline algae

Rich in phycoerythrin. It can form a natural protective barrier, effectively inhibit bacteria and prevent UV damage.

Amelia Ipretty Singapore


Silome extracted from it can keep the skin moisture and help soften and moisturize the skin.

Amelia Ipretty Singapore

Sea buckthorn

Rich in vitamin C, it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Promote skin regeneration and rejuvenate the skin.

Amelia Ipretty Singapore

Plant antiseptic system

The EU certified antiseptic system-sucrose acid and anises acid, uses the physical properties of organic acids to achieve bacteriostatic.

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We use only the very best materials and manufacturers. If you receive wrong or defective products, we’ll make it right.

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If we ask you to imagine almost flawless, smooth, soft, and radiant skin, the image of a baby probably comes to mind, right? Can you imagine being able to achieve an effect very similar to the one you just pictured? With Amelia iPretty, you can now reach that goal thanks to its range of naturally formulated skincare products with firming and conditioning properties.
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