Amelia Facial Cleanser
A Natural Cleanser that eliminates blackheads and unclog pores for softer and brighter skin. Amelia’s Cleanser is a soap-free with a natural foaming agent blended with fish collagen to protect your skin during the cleansing process.    How to use:...
Amelia Sakura Hydrating Toner
A toner made with the combinations of with Fish Collagen , Japanese Sakura extract, and lychee extract to help reduce and minimize the appearance of dark spots, The acid-free, quick-absorbing texture does not have a sticky feel, and leaves skin...
Amelia's Sakura Facial Mask
An instant hydrating mask made with cherry blossom extract and collagen. Sakura Face Mask moisturizes and whitens the skin. With multiple highly active plant extracts, it can reduce dark spots and uneven complexion bringing the skin back its firmness, elasticity, and...
Amelia's Sakura Hydrating Cream
A naturally formulated facial cream derived from marine collagen with Japanese Sakura flower extract too deeply hydrate the skin. How to use: After cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, smooth onto the face to lock in and hydrate all the nutrients from previous...
Amelia's Sakura Moisturizer
A naturally formulated moisturizer derived from the blend of Marine Collagen and Japanese Sakura flower extract. This moisturizer used to seal and lock in the nutrients and moisture for the skin while providing a brightening effect.  How to use: Pump a few times...
Amelia's Sakura Serum
A naturally formulated serum derived from Marine collagen with Japanese Sakura flower extract used to provide daily moisture and reduce dark spots. A nourishing serum that improves skin tone and combats hyperpigmentation.  How to use: After cleansing, damp the face...
Amelia's Sleep Well Collagen
Amelia's Sleep Well Collagen formulated with High Density Fish Collagen, Passion Flower, Calcium, Magnesium, and GABA plant acid(Natural rice Extract) helps improve sleeping quality.  30 Packs  Improves skin health and restores lost collagen All Natural Sleeping aid Improves deep sleep...
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